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Artist Statement

I explore line and gesture as wearable sculpture. My work conveys movement - flowing, organic - evoking the essence of natural forms.

I am intrigued by sinuous art nouveau lines, tree branches silhouetted against the sky, and diagrams of old Masters paintings, where gesture can carry your eye through the painting.

Each of us has a personal symbolism: a battered antique clock, a seedling, a waterfall, or leaves and vines may evoke associations and meaning.

Recently, I've combined elements like these - made of glass, silver, and mixed media - into wall sculptures. Each person is encouraged to respond to them and find their own associations or stories. My sculptural pieces have an unusually intimate aspect: a chance to extract a detail to wear as jewelry. The silver seedling becomes a ring; a glass stalactite hangs as a pendant.

Nature and landscape, the "accident" of found objects, time, balance, telling a story (that the viewer creates or participates in), are all woven into my work.